Kevin Pollak records his live Internet talk show late on Sunday afternoons (you can see past episodes of Kevin Pollak's Chat Show here), and this Sunday was supposed to be no different, as Henry Winkler sat down to chat with Pollak about all things funny. Even though Californians are used to earthquakes — most of them live along a major fault line — Sunday's 7.2 earthquake, which had an epicenter just south of the border into Baja California, shook, rattled and rolled for longer than they were used to. This could be some very boring live video, since nobody got hurt, and you can hardly see any evidence of a quake, but Winkler — still best known to a generation as "The Fonz" from TV's Happy Days, had quips at the ready. Turns out if the 7.2 had been either stronger or closer to Los Angeles, we would have seen him lose his eternal cool. Roll it.