Well, isn’t this special?!

Perhaps because I was the only person to actually review 2021’s New Faces of Comedy (check out my Substack, it’s called Piffany!), the folks at Just For Laughs decided last night to start posting the showcase sets individually to YouTube. This is unprecedented. Usually you had to be there to know what happened.

Now you can see and judge for yourselves.

Or read what I wrote about New Faces, then watch this.

OK, so in order of appearance, we had….


Ian Lara

Dave Mizzoni

Danielle Perez

Aaron Weber

Jes Tom

Erica Nicole Clark

Abby Roberge

Jaye McBride

Ariel Elias

Brian Simpson


Kiry Shabazz

Peter Kim

Sydnee Washington

Randall Otis

Wally Baram

Will Foskey

Robin Tran

Maddie Wiener

Andre D. Thompson

Sarah Squirm

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