Look. I have a very basic understanding of how the Internet works, and one thing I do know is that when a video debuts on an already popular site around dawn, by late afternoon, if it's funny, it gets circulated to other popular sites. And maybe you weren't like me and slept in after being out late, so you may have seen this. But it deserves to be seen!

Funny or Die's Eric Appel has written, directed and edited a trailer for what appears to be the flash-sideways version of "Weird" Al Yankovic's story. Yes, I just dropped a Lost reference. Please pick it up, and watch this funny feature, starring Aaron Paul as Weird Al, Olivia Wilde as Madonna, Patton Oswalt as Dr. Demento, Mary Steenburgen and Gary Cole as Ma and Pa Yankovic, with appearances by Leeza Gibbons, Brian Huskey, Paul Scheer, Charlie Sanders, Curtis Gwinn, Chris Kula, Jonah Ray, Matt Jones, Johnny Meeks and Andy Bloch. Oh, and Yankovic himself in a cameo! Roll the clip already!