List of winners of the 6th Annual ECNY Awards

I was more than tempted to write something whiny and petulant about the ECNY Awards, but then I saw Marc Maron in a Twitter "fight" today with one of his followers about the principle of paying for art (you should definitely pay for art, whether it's a podcast, a creative performance, or this very Website), and then I saw that Funny or Die had filmed a public service video with Heidi Montag (so they obviously are hard up for cash, because why, why, why), and then I saw even more people were following and media outlets were interviewing a 19-year-old that Conan O'Brien followed for no particular reason whatsoever on Twitter, so really, maybe this is just a lost cause. Anyhow. When I saw Gabe Delahaye a couple of weeks ago, I told him that his Videogum and its mighty minions would beat me handily for "Best Website," so I called it. Still. No matter how silly you think any awards are, when they announce them live and decide to nominate you, there's a moment right before the announcement when you get nervous, and moments afterward where they've announced someone else's name when you have to remind yourself that it's just a silly award. I'd much rather have a job that pays my rent and offers me health insurance, vacation and sick days. So if you have one of those, please consider hiring me? Thanks!

In the meantime, here are your 6th annual ECNY Awards winners…

Best Improv Group: I Eat Pandas

Best One Person Show: Supernormal – Tom Shillue

Best Website:

Best Host: Gabe Liedman, Jenny Slate and Max Silvestri

Best Book: Rejected: Tales of the Failed, Dumped and Canceled – Jon Friedman

Best Sketch Comedy Group: Murderfist

Best Technician: Carol Hartsell

Best Variety Show: Risk! True Tales Boldly Told

Outstanding Achievement in Postcard or Flyer Design: Fag Life: A Conversation with Fred Phelps – Mindy Tucker

Best Short Comedic Film: Everyone Poops Trailer – Landline TV

Emerging Comic Award: Myq Kaplan

Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Tweeting: @Lizzwinstead

Best Musical Comedy Act (Group or Solo): Snakes

Best Female Standup Comedian: Morgan Murphy

Best Male Standup Comedian: Hannibal Buress

I have plenty of other thoughts about the ECNY Awards, and comedy awards in general, but I'll save those for another time and place.

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9 thoughts on “List of winners of the 6th Annual ECNY Awards

  1. Myq, Morgan and Hannibal are far above this little honor. They are already making a handsome living at writing and stand-up. The awards should go to someone with talent to get them to the next level of, perhaps, landing a festival, LAG or a freakin’ agent. Oh, and two producers of the show got awards?! Gee, didn’t see THAT coming! Sean, your site is the best by far. Total substance w/o all the bullshit. And Mike Lawrence was ROBBED!

  2. Yeah! The producers totally rigged it! Like that time I was one of the producers, and lost in two categories. I totally got myself hardcore to the max.
    All silliness aside, whenever there are awards, people are going to disagree with them. But the fact is these are decided by a combination of Industry vote, and popular/public voting. So whatever you think of it, it’s the people who people who see a LOT of comedy liked the best, mixed with the people who the general public liked the best/got enough of their friends to vote. To be honest. There were no ties, conspiracies, or disagreements.
    Also: I’m not sure the award can both be a little honor, and also, someone got robbed 🙂

  3. Comedy is a stupid business, but a beautiful & addictive art. You, McCarthy, are hereby prohibited from feeling any imaginary slights or self-inflicted wounds. Just stop it.
    If it makes you feel better for a second, my not-win moment actually arrived with the word, “Rejected.”
    Now *that* was funny.

  4. I voted from two email addresses, the only difference was that I voted for Videogum once and The Comic’s Comic the other time.
    I’ve been reading Videogum since its inception and your site for a few months and it’s DEFINITELY a new favorite. I honestly don’t think the two sites are comparable… very different takes on comedy. I’m happy with Videogum’s win, but would have been just as happy with a win for The Comic’s Comic.
    Also, I’m nowhere near NYC, but am a die-hard comedy fan so I know little of the politics, more of the talent… the winners seem fine to me. Special congrats to Gabe Liedman, Jenny Slate and Max Silvestri, Myq Kaplan, and Hannibal Burress. And Brent Sullivan’s flyer??? Weird category.

  5. Strangely enough I actually agree with the proclaimed “actualfunnycomic” for once (please, no comment war intended) Although as Sean has said and many others, its just an award. I think we all know that it was categorized a little weird, but hey they’re all funny guys and I’d be happy just to be in the same stupid category as them.
    P.S. Mike Lawrence is really funny, so being upset that he didn’t win is no biggy. Because I know he’s funny and you know he’s funny, and that’s all that matters.

  6. Let’s set the record straight–for the better part of this year, your site has been all about you and your struggle with joblessness, bitterness, and borderline personality disorder. Pull yourself together and open your eyes man, this site is toxic.
    I had a blast at the ECNYs and I’d venture to say most everyone else in the room did too. For you to put this weird spin on it shows the world what you’re really all about–yourself! Shitting on people will get you nowhere.

  7. At least you got nominated for something! All in all, it’s nice to see a room packed with comedy nerds and to get a chance for some awkward socialization and attempted networking after the show.
    My generic rant for every single awards show / comedy show booking / dating / success / life is that those who want it the most will rarely get it, and those who couldn’t care less will often walk away with the trophy. That’s just how things work sometimes!

  8. I actually found Sean’s take on awards shows at large to be quite measured and well-phrased. Everyone can see the inherent absurdity of declaring a “winner” in art, but nonetheless awards shows of this ilk are a great community gathering and lots of fun. I, for one, ended up drinking until 3 am and basically making myself look bad–jazzy times!
    But on the real, Sean, your site is fantastic and I completely disagree with getreal. Nobody covers the myriad scenes (and subscenes) within the NY comedy scene like you do. -Selena

  9. Interesting how kreisler calls this an “art” as his political stage dribble is the equivalent of spray-painted macaroni on plywood.

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