Lindsay Lohan thinks this E*Trade commercial is about her, but voiceover’s comedians denied it

You know how we were all led into new rumors about who's the target of Carly Simon's old song, "You're So Vain." Well, that reminds me of today, when Lindsay Lohan's attorney announced she was filing a lawsuit against E*Trade, thinking that one of their new TV commercials is about her. Oh, Lindsay. She thinks she's a a one-name superstar. Which might be closer if she just went by Lohan. Or even LiLo. Here's the New York Post story that broke that news.

Glennis McMurray, who provided the voiceover (and is part of the ECNY-winning improv musical group I Eat Pandas!), had this to say on Twitter today in rebuttal: "For the record I named the E*Trade baby's mistress "Lindsay" because it was a fun name to say. Nothing to do with LiLo. We all coo?"

Here's the commercial in question, which has gotten considerably more attention today, with McMurray as the girlfriend and comedian Pete Holmes as the E*Trade baby. Roll the clip!

Earlier: Holmes talked to me at length about getting the E*Trade baby campaign and improvising his lines with McMurray, saying, in part: "I'd like to point out that Glennis (McMurray) came up with the punchline to the wolf-howl spot. That's all her." The defense rests.

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3 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan thinks this E*Trade commercial is about her, but voiceover’s comedians denied it

  1. Aww, poor Lindsay! Fired from Ungaro, a weak DJ-gig, a love/hate munchfest with Sam Ronson and now the inevitable embarrassment of losing a baseless lawsuit. Hopefully this will give Firecrotch McCoketits the incentive to off herself…and be forgotten in the next Oscars Death Montage.

    1. Who the heck is Lindsay Lohan and why should I care if her fglienes are hurt? No one cares if MY fglienes are hurt? So why should she be so special?Greatest national treasure? I thought that was Ozzy Osbourne! He is MY treasure! Now HE’s a role model hahaha .just kidding on that one, but I do love Ozzy.

  2. Weird just the whole idea of trying to figure out how famous your name is. Certain people like Madonna, Kanye, Jay-Z, Ke$ha and Fabio tend to have more fanciful names that work better for trademarks.
    However people with more common names such as Britney, Lindsay and Christina will have a harder time claiming them as their own.
    “soce, the elemental wizard” is an officially registered trademark (that’s how I was able to wrest away @soce from someone’s dead account and make it my own). However “Andrew” (my real first name) clearly is not.

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