New promos for NBC’s “The Marriage Ref” feature Seinfeld stand-up, ice fishing with host Tom Papa

NBC has been running new ads for its upcoming show, The Marriage Ref, and by the initial looks of it — plus reports back to me from people who have been in the studio audience — there will be some funny unscripted moments as the celebrities and comedians weigh in on the various married couples and their idiotic arguments.

The network also has unveiled some additional new promo videos online to generate interest in the show, which debuts with a preview episode Feb. 28 following the Winter Olympics closing ceremonies before settling into a regular 10 p.m. Thursday time slot. Here, for instance, is executive producer Jerry Seinfeld warming up the studio audience (following who appears to be Martha Stewart's warm-up guy) with some of his stand-up material about marriage, and introducing host, longtime friend and his opening act on tour, Tom Papa.

Then we get to see an extended short film of Seinfeld and Papa ice fishing (previously seen on TV in a 30-second spot) spliced in with clips from the show.

And here is a look at an early production meeting with Seinfeld, Papa and the staff, in which Seinfeld describes how "living together" is much different from being married, when talking about one potential couple on the show. "They're still rookies!" Seinfeld said. "I don't want to see people take BP. I want to see them in the game!" Agree?

Want more? Two more behind-the-scenes videos after the jump…

Here are two more production meeting videos. Do you know what the terms "backpacking" and "cooking spaghetti" mean for a married couple? And no, neither one is sexual.

How about the notion that couples can engage in lifelong arguments? Til death do us argue about this one thing you did decades ago! That's why you need a referee to settle it once and for all.

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