Eddie Rawls, one of the National Lampoon writers responsible for the "Vacation" reunion of Clark and Ellen Griswold (Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo"), confirmed overnight that it's happening as part of a Super Bowl ad, promotional campaign and short film. "It’s really going to be great and I can tell you the writing is terrific, hilarious, and fresh," he wrote with obvious bias. Anyhow. Own it!

More details? I showed you the Super Bowl "Hotel Hell Vacation" ad a couple of days ago. On Super Bowl Sunday, you'll be able to watch the entire 15-minute short film on the HomeAway.com site. The plot has Chevy Chase's Clark Griswold and wife Ellen (D'Angelo) taking a romantic second honeymoon, only to end up in one mishap after another, and meeting up with their son, Rusty. There's a Clark Griswold Facebook fan page and Griswold Twitter account, as well as online games and contests.

Judging by this second teaser video put on Facebook yesterday, "Hope Ellen Doesn't See This!", it doesn't appear that your dreams of an Anthony Michael Hall "Rusty" will come to fruition. Unless the former child actor really looks and sounds a lot different now than I thought. Then again, they did seem to like changing the kids up in those "Vacation" flicks, didn't they?