What makes Louis CK so special? It’s simple

For those of you who already are on board the Louis CK is one of the funniest stand-up comedians working today bandwagon, then perhaps you already know this. For everyone else, please allow me to give you two recent examples of how and why Louis CK is working on another level from many other comedians.

When he appeared over the weekend at the winter TCA press tour to promote his upcoming FX sitcom, Louie, he explained why he thinks Conan is silly for ever even wanting to host The Tonight Show. Most people who have re-reported this focus on CK's use of profanity to describe the late-night program and NBC honcho Jeff Zucker, but what's really remarkable is how plainspoken he is in describing the situation. The same thing goes for his explanation of how he handled a heckler, from the upcoming documentary I Am Comic. Roll it.

Instead of coming up with something clever or cute or outrageous, which he did throw in at the end of that clip above, CK gets right to the heart of the matter, and just so happens to be really funny in saying so. It's that frame of mind that seems to have informed much of his stand-up over the past few years, and it's what's setting him apart from the pack. Who would have figured that being simple and plainspoken could be so funny? Louis CK seems to have figured that out.

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  1. Louis CK – THE MAN – and Louis CK’s material are individually hilarious, but together they make him one of the best.

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