On Tuesday night’s “wild card” round of America’s Got Talent for 2011, comedian J. Chris Newberg decided to scrap the guitar and went with his gut, and his gut told him to surprise judge Piers Morgan with a live roast of Piers Morgan!

Newberg hit Morgan right from the start with a first joke about authorizing the hacking of Sir Paul McCartney’s phone calls — News of the World! — and kept on going. He also hit upon Morgan’s dreadful ratings as the replacement for Larry King on CNN. And he even snuck in a dig involving Jay Leno. Later, Newberg told Morgan: “Thank you for giving me a career. Because anybody in this business will tell you, that you’re nobody, unless you’ve been insulted by a nobody on a reality show.”

As Morgan himself noted minutes later, “I just got owned.”

Here’s the full set. Find out if Newberg’s stunt helped him advance through to the semifinals. UPDATED: Newberg fell short of the semis, but got the chance to make a gracious exit on Wednesday’s show.