Comedy Central Presents: Ryan Stout

When a comedian shows up in a suit and tie, at least in this century, you don't expect the jokes coming out of his mouth to make you question his and your morality. That's one misdirect. But Ryan Stout, in his half-hour Comedy Central Presents, staged something even more devilish on his unsuspecting audience (which I saw taped live last November). Fully knowing he was going to startle his crowd time and time again, Stout chose to open with a joke that should have served as a direct warning.

No, he didn't take off the suit and tell his jokes clad only in a sock. Rather, the former Boston contest winner (2005) and HBO Aspen festival comedian demonstrated for the audience how he expected them to laugh at his material. Roll the clip:

It's a sly choice. And it sets up bits like these…

Here Stout discusses his opinions on the homeless, then extends it with a classic rule of three:

And here he is talking about a terrible news incident in China. By now, the audience is laughing exactly the way Stout said they would. Although he could've shortened this one, right?

Finally, here's Stout telling a tale about going on an airplane, but it's not like most other airplane jokes you've heard. Roll it.

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