Eric Appel worked on MTV's Human Giant, and now Appel is a writer and director, making many of the exclusive Funny or Die videos that you find funny. Among the talent he's worked with for FoD: Adam West, Rob Huebel, Christopher Lloyd, Thomas Hayden Church, Kevin Bacon, Bob Odenkirk, Jon Hamm and Patton Oswalt. Here, Appel is talking to MakingOf about the art of writing sketch comedy, and he includes an example. Note: It's not Quiz Cab. But you're so, so close.

And here is the newest FoD video Appel wrote and directed, about competing werewolf clothing stores. It stars Sean Clements, Brian Huskey, James Adomian and Noah Munck. Comedy nerds also will find bonus fun in one of the names contained therein. Hint: It's a very Inside Joke. Roll it!

Clothing for Werewolves – watch more funny videos