Comedy Central announced today that Nick Swardson would debut a new weekly sketch show on the network in 2010. I felt like we already knew this, though, right? Oh, yes. Right. Swardson himself said as much back in May on his MySpace page, telling fans he was doing six half-hour sketch episodes that would include animated bits of Gay Robot (maybe Comedy Central already has forgotten that MySpace continues to exist?), and he also mentioned the new show during his recent Comedy Central stand-up special, Seriously, Who Farted? Production on the show will begin in November, with Swardson, Tom Gianis, Happy Madison and Sony Pictures Television as executive producers. The series will include the aforementioned Gay Robot animation, digital shorts, man-on-the-street segments and more.

As Swardson said back in May: "It's more in the vain (sic) of Mr. Show and Human Giant. I'm so psyched. Gonna be DOPE." Word.