Monty Python’s Terry Jones talks sketch comedy

So maybe you've heard that the boys from Monty Python have reunited for their 40th anniversary for a new documentary? Yes, yes, Monty Python: Almost The Truth airs over six hours on IFC beginning Oct. 18, and the 90-minute theatrical version that screened last night at the Zeigfeld Theatre was sincerely funny. I laughed out loud several times at scenes I had seen many, many times before. All five surviving members of Monty Python made it to the screening, along with a cardboard cutout of Graham Chapman, female supporting player Carol Cleveland, and many other longtime friends of the group.

It was a chilly, rainy windy night in the city, however, which presented its own challenges on the red carpet. I did get the chance to talk briefly with Python's Terry Jones. Jones will be talking to small groups on Saturday, Oct. 17, in seminars at The PIT. There may still be tickets for the morning session at The PIT? Here's what Jones had to tell me, and in turn, you, about writing good comedy sketches:

Mr. Creosote, you say? I dare say!

This is one of their grossest sketches, certainly, but also certainly funny. From Monty Python's Meaning of Life. Roll it!

And if you missed watching Monty Python enjoy answering (or not answering) questions after last night's screening, well, you can watch this half-hour or so below:

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