Reviews for Craig Ferguson at the White House Correspondents Dinner

Craig Ferguson delivered an affable monologue Saturday night at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Not quite the tour de farce of Stephen Colbert from two years ago, but affable enough, as anyone who watches Ferguson on his late-night CBS program will attest. He got a couple of zingers in, more at the expense of the media than of President Bush or Vice President Cheney, and included a couple of video clips that echoed previous TV bits (and could’ve been left out). The whole hourlong program is available online via CSPAN (on Real Media, no less…how old-school!), which if you watch it, you’ll get to see ABC’s Ann Compton admonish the dinner crowd for talking too loudly during the scholarship honors, and see if Bush conducts the Marine Band as well as he conducts a war (spoiler alert!).

Time said the whole night was lame. Mediabistro said Ferguson stole the show. The Baltimore Sun also liked Ferguson almost as much as the party photos. The Daily News paid more attention to the president. No NYT review, yet. Sorry, Craig!

Actually, CSPAN also has a YouTube channel, and here is the Ferguson portion of the program:

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One thought on “Reviews for Craig Ferguson at the White House Correspondents Dinner

  1. craig ferguson was amazing as usual. his delivery of every point was classy, yet funny. he did not need to poke fun at bush at every opportunity. which would make it tiresome. he took good opportunities and did what i think everyone can agree was seen as a great delivery.

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