Is Boston ready for another comedy club? Cheers!

Boston's comedy scene has a rich tradition for producing great talent, and it continues to do so. The scene began undergoing a transition when the Comedy Connection moved from Faneuil Hall Marketplace to the Wilbur Theatre, leaving the city proper without a full-time major club that booked national headliners on the weekends and supported local comedians throughout the week. Smaller clubs have sprouted up since then. First came Mottley's; then came Tommy's Comedy Lounge; and now, there's Cheers. Yes. That Cheers. Well, not the original bar that inspired TV's Cheers, but the tourist bar that the TV show later inspired in Faneuil Hall. You dig? Dug.

The Comedy Club at Cheers will have room for about 120 customers when it starts hosting shows this weekend, courtesy of Jim McCue (who's also the debut headliner!). McCue also is responsible for the annual Boston Comedy Festival comedy competition — he has held that the past couple of years at the nearby Hard Rock Cafe, and he told me this morning that he'll still be producing comedy shows there, just not on a weekly basis as he will at Cheers. As for competition with the other smaller Boston clubs, both new and old? McCue told me he hopes another venue offering stage time for Boston comedians is good for the entire scene. Let's hope he's right about that.

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2 thoughts on “Is Boston ready for another comedy club? Cheers!

  1. As usually you continue to ignore The Comedy Vault @ Remingtons Boston’s only full time comedy club. A club that Presents Acts Like Rich Vos, Robbie Printz, Mike Donovan, Frank Santorelli, Sue Costello, Kevin Knox, Paul Nardizzi, Jim Lauletta, Stephanie Peters, Steve Sweeney, Mike MacDonald, and so many more. A club with the longest continuing open mike night in New England. An Open Mike that started Comics like Dane Cook, Robert Kelly, Bill Burr, Joe Rogan and to many national headliners to mention hear. When are you going to give one of the great Comedy clubs in the country its fair due and leave your personal issues with me out of you’re reporting? Boston has never been without a full time comedy club.
    If you want to report on comedy why don’t you write about Jim McCue headlining Mottleys knowing that in3 weeks he was opening around the corner. Why don’t you write about Tommy’s not paying comics who had performed? Its time for you to start writing for the readers Instead of your personal interests.

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