Dane Cook recently brought his "Rough Around the Edges" arena tour of greatest hit bits and new material to Dallas, where about 13,000 fans screamed their approval. But Matt Weitz, writing for the Dallas Morning News, had a slightly different take on Cook and his comedy. I’m going to give you the quote now and let you digest it, then when you’re ready, click on for his full review.

OK? Here’s the quote, italics mine, on how Weitz describes Cook: "It is a freshness, however, that doesn’t necessarily translate beyond a more established comedy fan’s tendency to view his routines as sort of a derivative Bill Hicks Lite."

Really? Bill Hicks? Are you sure he wasn’t thinking of Denis Leary? Leary and Cook are both from Boston, so maybe that was the confusion. Because I’m fairly sure comedy fans don’t tend to put Cook and Hicks in the same conversation. Or did I miss Cook’s one-hour special on smoking and the evils of advertising because I was watching him shoot a cashew off of his penis in the BK Lounge? Anyhow… Here’s the rest of his review.