Kyle Cease’s stand-up bootcamp, take two (coming in October)

Normally I wouldn't write about a stand-up comedy class, because there are many of them out there in comedy clubs and community colleges, and well, are they really all worth writing about? But Kyle Cease's stand-up comedy bootcamp, and the promotional videos his brother produced for it, caught my eye earlier this year and have generated quite a bit of discussion within the comedy community.

So here is your official update on all of that. If you follow Cease's Twitter feed, you'll know that he is working on a new call-in radio program with John Heffron, and also something else involving giving paid work to aspiring stand-ups. Do you like paid work? Of course you do. His stand-up comedy bootcamp is another thing entirely (I've heard spirited discussion both for and against it), and if you want to rehash all of that, just go back into my archives on it or view the trailer on the Standup Bootcamp site. Fact is, Kyle Cease is putting on a fall edition of his Standup Bootcamp, to be held Oct. 17-21 at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club in Universal City, Calif. Over the course of 60 hours, participants will hear from Cease and Lovitz, as well as Tom Wilson, Wendy Liebman, Steve Byrne, Alonzo Bodden, Bryan Callen, ANT, Chris Porter and John Heffron, and get to ask questions of and showcase in front of agents and other industry.

The cost? $599-$799-$999

The pricing packages are listed here. You'll pay $799 if you want one-on-one coaching with the aforementioned headliners. It'll cost you another $200 to perform in the industry showcase (and also sit in the front row?). For what that's worth. What is that worth to you?

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  1. If your going to take a stand up comedy class, make sure they teach technique which I highly doubt this one will. Greg Dean’s class is the only one that I actually gained joke writing knowledge from. Hes all over youtube and at

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