When Dane Cook shot into the stratosphere of stand-up comedy a few years ago, he recorded and released his own song. That didn't exactly fire up the Billboard charts the same way his comedy CDs did. But this new duet of his with rocker (and American Idol alum) Chris Daughtry — who does have the top-selling CD on this week's charts with his second album, "Leave This Town" — might just get your attention. It did mine. And not just because they're harmonizing with a picturesque SoCal nightscape behind them, nor because Cook is not afraid to sing louder than Daughtry, but because their choice for the acoustic duet is none other than the theme song to Growing Pains. Show me that smile again?

Cook released this song as a TwitVid (TwitVid?) to celebrate reaching more than 1 million followers on his Twitter feed @danecook.