So maybe you've noticed that things look a wee bit different here at The Comic's Comic headquarters? I hope you've noticed! Otherwise, this is just another Internet thing among many Internet things that has no impact whatsoever on the world outside the web. So. OK. Let's explain what's going on here.

The Comic's Comic has joined forces with (which is more than just a pretty good domain name for a comedy website). I have taken the reins of their blog, The Laugh Track, which showcases funny things by funny people in both pictures and videos. Huzzah. So if you're looking for preview clips of John Heffron's "Middle Class Funny," 10 videos to celebrate The State's DVD release, or funny videos of white people trying to impersonate Bill Cosby, then, huzzah huzzah, because there is a place where all of that, and more, exists for you to click and click and click some more. I'll be posting your funny videos and images there, which is great news for all of you who have emailed me your funny videos or thought of emailing me your funny videos. And the people have made The Comic's Comic a "recommended" site, which means they'll be introducing more readers to the wonders that abound here, from the daily silliness that comes out of my fingers and onto the page, to breaking comedy news, insightful analysis and exclusive interviews with your favorite comedians. Win-win!

I'm always learning the ways of the Internet, so if there are things you'd like to see here that you don't already see (whether it's content or design), please let me know. Because without you, I'm just another blogger, blogging nonsense about nothing in particular to nobody. So thank you for reading and enjoying The Comic's Comic, and here's hoping even more of you enjoy it in the future!