Apple did not tell me how it came up with its list of Best of Comedy 2008 in iTunes, so I cannot tell you if this lineup is based on sales, judged rankings or something else entirely. But I can tell you who made the iTunes cut in 2008 (I've reviewed half of these CDs, which means I still have some work to do). Whom do you think they overlooked?

Robert Kelly, Just the Tip
Robert Kelly - Just the Tip
Steve Byrne, Happy Hour
Steve Byrne - Happy Hour
Gabriel Iglesias, Hot and Fluffy Gabriel Iglesias - Hot and Fluffy

Josh Sneed, Unacceptable Josh Sneed - Unacceptable

Lisa Landry, Put Your Keys in the Keybowl Lisa Landry - Put Your Keys In the Keybowl

Pablo Francisco, Ouch! (Live from San Jose) Pablo Francisco - Ouch! (Live from San Jose)

Jimmy Dore, Citizen Jimmy Jimmy Dore - Citizen Jimmy

Dov Davidoff, The Point Is Dov Davidoff - The Point Is

Bill Burr, Why Do I Do This? Bill Burr - Why Do I Do This?

Jeffrey Ross: No Offense, Live from New Jersey Jeffrey Ross - Jeffrey Ross: No Offense - Live from New Jersey