Jim Gaffigan’s Sexy Tour

Gaffigantour_2 Fans of Jim Gaffigan already knew he has a tour planned this summer and fall that culminates in December with a one-hour Comedy Central taping in Austin. So…what’s new? A logo, for one. It’s Comedy Central Live Starring Jim Gaffigan: The Sexy Tour. Tickets officially go onsale March 28.

And if you’re looking specifically for tickets to his Nov. 28-29 shows at Town Hall in New York City, you have a limited window of opportunity (until 10 a.m. Thursday) for a special pre-sale. Click here to buy early tickets for Nov. 28. Click here for Nov. 29.

The tour kicks off Aug. 15 in Miami.

After the jump, Gaffigan interviews himself about how he named his 2008 tour.

Jim_gaffigan__2008_the_sexy_tour__p I wanted the name of my upcoming new Comedy Central Live Tour to reflect what I’m all about. Naturally, I decided on “The Sexy Tour”.

I realize this tour name might cause some questions. So, in an effort to avoid looking like a lunatic, I decided to interview myself. I met myself in at a luxury hotel lobby bar in downtown Manhattan.

Me: Hi, Jim. Thanks for doing this interview.

Jim: Happy to do it, Jim. By the way, I’m a big fan or your acting and stand up.

Me: Thanks. How will this new tour be different from “Beyond the Pale”?

Jim: Well, this tour will be all new material and it is called “The Sexy Tour”.

Me: Is the new material Sexy?

Jim: No, no, no. I still deal with hard hitting issues like bacon, legal documents and bean bag chairs, but it is still a clean, all ages show. The only thing sexy about the show is me. I can’t help that part.

Me: No, you can’t. You are a balding, married guy with two kids, not normally what society considers sexy. Many will think you are being ironic with the tour name, The Sexy Tour.

Jim: Huh? That’s odd.

Me: I mean, what about your body, Jim?

Jim: Thank you. Yes, I do have a sexy body. Staying in shape is hard. Luckily, I don’t have to worry about that. I already have a gut. Women like guts. It means I’m brave. I can protect women.

Me: Good point. What is sexy?

Jim: Good question, Jim. It’s like you are reading my mind. What is sexy? Is it appearing half naked in a photo spread in Maxim? Well, if it’s picture of me. Yes, that is sexy.

Me: I agree. You are sexy Jim Gaffigan. How can I find out which cities you will be going to on The Sexy Tour and be notified of a special presale in late March?

Jim: Another good question. You can check out where I’ll be going here. To be notified of the special pre-sale click here. There will also be a special Facebook Pre-sale for people on Facebook.

Me: Wow, that is so awesome. How can I–

Waitress: Excuse me sir, some other patrons have been complaining about you talking to yourself rather loudly. Can you keep it down? (Waitress exits)

Me: What’s that crazy bitch’s problem?

Jim: It’s ok. My sexiness has that effect on some women.

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