Watch Marc Maron and Jim Gaffigan talk shop

Here's a fun way to flow into a holiday weekend. Jim Gaffigan is a guest on Marc Maron's Break Room Live, and the two talked about their experiences in comedy. Seriously. Also funny. And congrats to Gaffigan on the birth of his third child! (Thx for the head's up, Comic vs. Audience)

Sean L. McCarthy

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3 thoughts on “Watch Marc Maron and Jim Gaffigan talk shop

    1. Let me summarize the sonecd Ned Mencia show for you:Ned: Dis out of hand, bro. Let me clarify dis: I’m top dog, muthafucka. Dere. Maron in closing: Well, I think he made a good case for himself, and this is just between comedians anyway. No one should feel outraged or anything by this guy. Later. I wouldn’t recommend listening to that show, actually. It pissed me off even more than the first.

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