Daniel Tosh's new Comedy Central show that makes fun with, of and at the Internets is ramping up production as the debut nears next month, with a Tosh.0 blog, and a live taping coming up June 1 (if you live near Culver City, Calif., click here for info). The show debuts June 4. Hey, that's soon!

For those of you who think this is just a regurgitation of VH1's Web Junk, or perhaps an early competitor to G4's Web Soup — or even the nonexistent Junk Soup and Web Web – here are some more details from Comedy Central, which claim that Tosh.0 will have its own features. Among them: Original videos created by and starring famous actors and comics, a weekly "Viewer's Choice" vid elected from a slate uploaded onto Atom.com, and a "Web Redemption" segment offering a second chance for the infamous "stars" of viral videos.