"Are you the table of bloggers and hotel concierges who do not want to be made fun of? Then you might not want to have conversations right in front of me, where I can see you."

Paul F. Tompkins, midway through his hour-plus set Sunday at Comix in NYC

Tompkins also touched upon how not to react to well-wishers at a funeral, things to avoid doing (namely, napping and stealing) while working in video stores, what to do if you ever find yourself vomiting in a taxicab, and many other funny stories from his life in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and now New York City. The audience really took a turn for the weird, though, after the exchange above. But not with that table. Surprisingly?

See, hear, more: PFT recently recorded a new CD, and you can also see him on your televisions most Friday nights on VH1's Best Week Ever.