Bravo's Inside the Actors Studio takes a look at the career of Denis Leary on the episode that debuts Monday, May 4. Through his FX series, Rescue Me, Leary arguably has managed to have a more successful second career as an actor after his first career as a stand-up comedian.

After the jump, I've posted a few bonus clips from Leary's episode, one in which he reveals how he had to talk about sex with his sexy Catholic school nun; one about his hockey team's name; and how he'd like to die while laughing and having sex at the same time.

Denis Leary learns about sex from Sister Sharon:

Denis Leary says the only thing better than literally dying laughing would be to die while laughing while in the middle of having sex. Seriously:

Denis Leary's hockey team has two names. The first "official" name hearkens back to Roxbury. The "unofficial" name sounds more like what you thought the official name would be, considering Leary's comedy history: