Stand-Up 360 in cinemas this spring

Screenvision has produced a series of seven live stand-up comedy films from Broadway Comedy Club in NYC that will appear on movie screens nationwide beginning May 4. Here's the trailer:

OK. So host Caroline Rhea tells you to enjoy stand-up comedy "without the two-drink minimum" by watching stand-ups filmed in a club with a drink minimum. Paradox. But whatevs. We also see in this trailer that the first film installment features Erik Rivera, Wali Collins, Vanessa Hollingshead, Mike Vecchione, Modi, Roz G., Steve Rossi and Joe Larson, plus we saw glimpses of Ross Bennett, Esther Ku, Costaki Economopoulos, Godfrey and more. You can check out info on the Stand-Up 360 site. They have deals to screen in cinemas in 39 states

The full lineup and dates, after the jump!

STAND-UP 360™ Edition 1 (May 4)
Caroline Rhea- Host
Erik Rivera
Wali Collins
Vanessa Hollingshead
Mike Vecchione
Joe Larson- Break Out
Steve Rossi- Break Out

STAND-UP 360™ Edition 2 (May 18)
Caroline Rhea- Host
Adam Hunter
Costaki Economopoulos
Judy Gold
Brad Cohen- Break Out
Richard Brooks

STAND-UP 360™ Edition 3 (June 1)
Caroline Rhea- Host
Jesse Joyce
Esther Ku
Ross Bennett
Laurie Kilmartin
Peyton Clarkson – Break Out
Roz G

STAND-UP 360™ Edition 4 (June 22)
Caroline Rhea- Host
Pat Dixon
Michele Balan
Keith Alberstadt
Mike Yard
Poppi Kramer- Break Out
Rich Vos

STAND-UP 360: Muy Caliente™ Edition 1 (July 6)
Show # 1
Erik Rivera-Host
Peaches Rodriguez
Cory Fernandez
Mark Viera
Becky Donohue
Vladimir Caamano
Angelo Lozada

STAND-UP 360: Muy Caliente™ Edition 2 (July 20)
Erik Rivera-Host
Chris Mata
Cristela Alonzo
Mark DeMayo
Christina Galston
Joe Rocha
Sara Contreras

STAND-UP Inside Out™ (June TBD)
Caroline Rhea- Host
Judy Gold
Jason Scarlatti
Rick Crom
Michele Balan
Jackie Hoffman
Frank DeCaro
Hedda Lettuce
Michael Brill- Break Out
Jaffee Cohen
Poppi Kramer

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