New York City comedian Brad Aldous has not been performing in any stand-up shows this spring, but he has a good reason for it. Aldous is part of the "Circus" concert tour for Miss Britney Spears, putting his past clowning experience to use in arenas across North America. And he told me he has been enjoying it so far. How could he not?! Here are a couple of pictures that back that up. In this first photo, Brad Aldous is the taller guy on the left enjoying a night out on the town in Dallas with Spears and the crew after the concert.


Aldous, who also can be seen every once in a while on your TVs in ads for McDonald's breakfast offerings, says to also keep an eye and an ear out for him as the announcer on GSN (Game Show Network) when the new revamped version of The Newlywed Game debuts on Monday, April 6.