That's the premise of Nick Thune's five-episode online series for Comedy Central's, which means you better be buckling up for a bumpy ride, because Nick's Big Show is an anti-comedy comedy show. Nick Thune plays himself as a comedian who gets his hands on $10,000 and pays a camera crew to follow him around as he makes the leap from comedian to performance artist, putting on a show to beat all shows. Kate Micucci plays Thune's biggest fan, hired to be his personal assistant. Nick Kroll, as Thune's manager, has no idea what to make of all of this. Will you be able to see the big picture? New episodes are released on Fridays.

Nick's Big Show, Episode 1: The Pitch

In episode two, out today, we see Thune go to a costume shop for design tips from "Markie" (TJ Miller) and seek out a choreographer.

Nick's Big Show, Episode 2: Assembling the Crew

The series runs through April 17.