Following up on Gawker and the Post's Page Six reports, here is the 15-second ad ABC and CBS banned that promotes Will Ferrell's new one-man farewell to Bush on Broadway. I recalled seeing this ad air on TV at least once, and though I cannot remember what channel (they did air a couple of versions during SNL, naturally, but that was NBC), I do know that I was surprised to hear Ferrell say the word "douche" in its unnatural context. Anyhow. Here you go. Judge for yourself if it's NSFW! Previews for "You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush" begin, not coincidentally, on Jan. 20.

Will Ferrell's BANNED commercial for YOU'RE WELCOME AMERICA. A FINAL NIGHT WITH GEORGE W BUSH on Broadway from JRANYC on Vimeo.