“Naked Dawn” movie trailer

Someday you'll find yourself Googling the phrase "I wonder what Rob Schneider has done lately," but instead you Google "I wonder what Rob Schneider looks like naked" — OK, that never happens, until it just did. Internet explosion. This will be the most NSFW thing you do today. Sometimes a movie trailer functions just fine as a movie trailer, and you do not need to see the full-length feature, so to speak. Yes, full-frontal shots aplenty in this spoof that takes the plotline from 1980s cult classic Red Dawn and reimagines the Russkies invading America via a nudist colony. Also starring Mena Suvari and Vinnie Jones. Enjoy?

Sean L. McCarthy

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2 thoughts on ““Naked Dawn” movie trailer

  1. haha! This seems like a very funny conceptual movie to watch- Schneider went a bit of the top here ha? I like outstanding weird projects, they are interesting 🙂

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