Delocated: Live and online

So, let's talk Delocated! The first-season finale aired overnight on Adult Swim, and cliffhanger alert! Am I right? Anyhow. If you missed, I shall not spoil it for you, and neither will the network, because the episode isn't online yet. Better for you, though, because you can still catch the penultimate episode for a limited time and look at country club golf in a "hole" new light.

Everything about this show should be awful but instead is awfully hilarious. The only thing wrong about these seven episodes, or 77 minutes of awesomeness, that I can see is that when you try to watch the clips online later, Adult Swim presents them in reverse order, so you watch it a la Memento. Even that's satisfying, though.

In related news, star "Jon" Glaser hosted a live Delocated show on March 19 at the 92YTribeca, and it was the oddest thing I'd seen since seeing Glaser get his fake band Detroit Octane to perform as the real musical guest on Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Glaser's Delocated comedy show was perhaps the ultimate anti-comedy show. Scott Adsit (30 Rock) performed as a ventriloquist who wasn't providing the voice of his dummy. A.D. Miles presented a slide show without the slides. Andy Blitz twirled comedy circles as "Peanut Butter" repeating his punchlines twice in a set that seemingly went on forever. The Pontani Sisters performed burlesque in masks, and one of them did a "strip-tease" for "Jon's" son from the show. Yo La Tengo closed the night with a short set of music, in masks and with voice modulators. Eugene Mirman, who plays "Jon's" would-be assassin on the show, provided a video about vodka singalongs that "Jon" co-opted for the rest of the night. Can you really sing any song and change part of the lyrics to say "vodka"? Yes, yes you can. Oh, and Glaser also presented his own illustrated book response to Kim Cattrall's sex book. Two weeks later, I'm still not sure what I experienced. Photos? Yes.

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