Jim Gaffigan’s self-aware promotional vlogs

In the past week, Jim Gaffigan has reconnected with his Twitter account, and now has begun reaching out to fans also in daily video blogs on his YouTube account to promote his upcoming Comedy Central special and DVD, King Baby. I mention this not merely because I enjoy his stand-up, and hear that he gives me thanks on the DVD, but do so today because if I put my ears together, I could swear his Irish greeting sounds a lot like my name. Note: I don't think it's possible or advisable to put one's ears together. Enjoy!

Sean L. McCarthy

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3 thoughts on “Jim Gaffigan’s self-aware promotional vlogs

  1. I love the Jim Gaffigan vlogs! (he’s right that is a weird word) I can not wait until March 29th for his “King Baby” premiere on Comedy Central. I hear its going to be great! mmmmmm bacon!

  2. YAYAYA! I love the Gaffigan vlogs! (he is right it is a weird word). I can not wait for march 29th when his special “King Baby” premieres on Comedy Central! mmmm bacon

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