Comedy Central Presents: Tommy Johnagin

Fun fact about Tommy Johnagin's half-hour Comedy Central Presents: He entered through the actual curtains from the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, because Carson's former stage manager was working the week of the Comedy Central tapings, so he gave Johnagin the chance to have his moment, as it were. Other things we learn during this set: A successful marriage means you really do have to have death parting the couple, how can you find "the one" if she doesn't live near you, couples that marry after a surprise pregnancy are saying how can we make a bad thing even worse, caring for a baby is more difficult than washing dishes in a franchise restaurant, Kama Sutra positions are static in the book for a reason, you don't want to be an usher at a wedding, Johnagin will never be confused for a fighter, nor for a manly man. Although I do think you could consider him to be a younger version of Tom Papa. Agree or disagree? Roll the clips!

Sean L. McCarthy

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