Five hours down, and yet, that’s really only one-tenth of the way home. The wall behind me hums and vibrates against my back, gently soothing (plus) yet also making me feel dangerously sleepy (minus minus!). The audience is thinning and shuffling. Some customers just moved from the back to the front. I’ve heard from Jim David and Dean Edwards, who reminded us all that "this is the first time a comedy club has told comedians you can go longer." Kevin Brennan is making Ku LOL very loudly and often, so much so that he wonders if it’s a fake laugh. "I’ll take it!" Brennan said. Not to worry. Ku’s laugh may be loud, but it’s real and sincere. Earlier in his set, though, Brennan yells at the crowd. "Just relax…we’re trying to set a record, not have a good show!" Interesting point. My body feels like it’s in a Sharper Image chair. I’m hearing voices. Is that Gollum as a woman? No, it’s Al Ducharme. Some dude brought a pillow. Why didn’t I think of that?