Louis CK told me last week that he decided it was more than OK to use the stand-up he had been delivering to audiences over the past year and incorporate it into his new FX comedy, Louie. He hadn't filmed it yet for a DVD, so he said: "Then what, what am I saving this for? Do I want a special more than I want a series? To take primo, weapons-grade material, and spread it over the course of a series, so I decided, then I started taking things in that hour…"

If you've seen him live in the past year, then you've heard Louis CK joke about volunteering at the NYC public school his daughters attend, and his, well, hilarious way of looking at dating and puppies, and how it's not going to end well, no matter what. My friend Gabe over at Videogum decided to highlight and isolate this "primo, weapons-grade material" from last night's premiere of Louie so you can enjoy it. So. Enjoy it!