In just the past 24 hours, we've seen the nominations revealed for the Academy Awards and what the academy deemed the best film work of 2008, and also the Golden Raspberry Awards, with fans determining the worst cinema dreck from last year. While you typically see unfunny comedies make the latter list, it's more unusual for a comedy performance to get an Oscar nod. So, hooray for that part.

Comedy nominees for the 81st Annual Academy Awards:
Robert Downey Jr., up for best supporting actor going blackface in Tropic Thunder
Martin McDonagh, up for best original screenplay, for In Bruges
Mike Leigh, up for best original screenplay, for Happy-Go-Lucky

On the flip side, these comedians are up for Razzies for their box-office flops:
Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans (six nominations overall)
The Love Guru (seven nominations overall)
For worst actor, Larry the Cable Guy in Witless Protection, Eddie Murphy in Meet Dave, Mike Myers in The Love Guru (Larry and Eddie also are up for worst screen couples in their films, while Mike is also up, or down, for worst screenplay)