New York magazine gave WKUK frontman Trevor Moore the 21-question treatment yesterday. They asked if he likes the old or new Times Square better. His reply? "That's like asking if you'd prefer to hang out with a scary, stinky whore or a loud, annoying cartoon character." Catch The Whitest Kids U Know tonight through Saturday at Comix, and starting Jan. 27 WKUK back on TV on IFC.

Here are a couple of sketches from the new season. In this clip, Gandalf gets some seriously NSFW second-guessing from the rest of the Lord of the Rings gang in an alternate ending to the saga.

Trevor offers up his services to a zoo to whip the bad animals into shape. Literally.

Trevor and Zach get some help from Craig Robinson and Hugh Hefner in the trailer for their upcoming road movie, Miss March. Watch it here: