Sarah Palin on SNL this weekend?!

Mere hours after Obama and McCain made jokey jokes at a fancy dinner that had global television reach, word comes down that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — you know, the lady who might be (vice) president — will appear on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live. The AP gets confirmation but no details. But Palin herself apparently said in a radio interview today…"I haven’t seen a script — not at all. They haven’t even hinted about what that script is going to say," said Palin. "But you know, I just want to be there to show Americans that we will rise above the political shots that we take because we’re in this serious business for serious challenges that are facing the good American people right now. That’s why we’re campaigning hard. That’s why we’re working hard." (via ABC News) Seriously? The smart money would have had Palin play Tina Fey in a digital short spoofing Fey’s American Express ads with Martin Scorsese, since Fred Armisen has played Scorsese before. They still may do that, or go live with such a premise. But if Palin thinks this will show she’s "in this serious business," and yet not looking at a script the day beforehand…this could be fun.

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