Steve White wins 2008 SF Comedy Competition

Steve White won the 2008 San Francisco Comedy Competition, which ended Saturday night. White returned to stand-up after several years of acting. Here are the overall results and a note from producer Jon Fox, wholly reblogged from the fine friends at SFstandup.com.

1. Steve White

2. Derick Lengwenus

3. Tyler Boeh

4. Brent Weinbach

5. Leif Skyving

Here is a final report from Jon Fox, producer of the competition (his thoughts, not mine):

Having taken a few years off from performing after achieving film roles
in "Coming to America," "Do the Right Thing," and several other Spike
Lee movies, Steve White re-established himself as a major comedic
presence by winning the 33rd Annual San Francisco Stand-Up Comedy
Competition Saturday night at Cache Creek Casino. White recently moved
from Las Vegas to Hollywood to reinvigorate his career. Impressionist
Derick Lengwenus gave White a run for the money before ultimately
finishing second. He will attempt to parlay the notoriety connected
with his impressive finish by moving from Wyoming to Chicago in the
near future.

Third place went to sound effects specialist Tyler Boeh from Boston
who finished strong with his best performance the last night of the
event at Cache Creek Casino. Fourth place went to "Experimental
Comedian" Brent Weinbach of San Francisco who actually placed first in
the first two final round shows in the Bay Area but was challenged by
the larger venues and suburban audiences that comprised the last few
nights of the event. Leif Skyving provided very solid sets in coming in
fifth with his harmonica playing "Swedish Blues" and incisive material
on the consequences of marriage and divorce.

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One thought on “Steve White wins 2008 SF Comedy Competition

  1. Congrats to Steve!
    I was interviewing him at Comedy Day last week, and at the end, I accidentally called him Steve Wilson. Worst mistake ever.

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