Iliza Shlesinger wins Last Comic Standing 6!

That’s right. Iliza Shlesinger is your sixth winner of Last Comic Standing. Congrats, Iliza. You get a pile of cash, a development deal, and a new car, right? Wow. Here is a clip! Marcus finished runner-up.

Did you have TV/DVR issues last night? If you were in the New York City and Cleveland areas, at least, then you most certainly did, because preseason NFL action pre-empted the finale of NBC’s Last Comic Standing, and some reports from the field say the show, if it aired at all last night, aired at 3 a.m.!? Other folks had TVs telling them LCS would air at 10 p.m., only to find America’s Got Talent on their recordings. Nice work, Peacock Network. Nice work.

Anyhow, Shlesinger’s MySpace page already is newly tricked out to celebrate her victory. She becomes the first woman to win this stand-up competition. I’d say I’m surprised, but I’m not. As I noted earlier, NBC showcased Shlesinger more than the other finalists, and with her being the only one in the final five to get primetime airtime twice in elimination challenges, plus being the only female in a five-way call-in vote, she had a decided advantage in getting support. She also was the final finalist to perform last week, so viewers had her more on their brains when the voting lines opened. That’s not to detract from her victory. But I’m still a bit weirded out by NBC’s decision to make this finale a five-way vote, as well as the decisions to pre-tape both the final and last week’s final competition show, instead of going live. Perhaps that says something about how the network feels about LCS after all of these years.

You will get to see Shlesinger and a few of the other finalists live on a nationwide tour that begins later this month.

Also, I heard some buzz that Barry Katz, one of the LCS executive producers and Dane Cook’s manager, is looking to manage not only Shlesinger but also two of the other finalists. You should not need more than two guesses to figure out who those other stand-up comedians would be.

Stay tuned for more info about the tour and everything else.

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