Longtime friends and comedy colleagues Michael Ian Black and Michael Showalter will tape their TV pilot in New York City tonight for Comedy Central, called Michael and Michael Have Issues. Free tickets already offered and distributed (sorry for my delay in possibly aiding and abetting your live audience needs). It’s not quite a State or Stella reunion, but these guys always seemingly have issues, and they do love to banter (with one another or with others), so expect the snark to fly. The Internet allows me to tell you they had been casting about for people (and by people, I mean actors) to play the roles of an armed guard, and several characters with names. Aha! Michael, Ian Black edition, also told College Humor: "Hopefully that will be on the air sometime towards the end of this year
or beginning of next. If not, you can probably find me working as a
barista at a Starbucks near you.

Whereas Showalter seems to have had a low-key summer, Ian Black has been seen cavorting on TVs this summer hosting Comedy Central’s Reality Bites Back spoof, on the Internet promoting his new book of essays, My Custom Vanthis post for Best Week Ever explores his favorite such vans — and of course, in person promoting the book.