Montreal 2008: Just for Laughs video highlights

The people at Just For Laughs in Montreal decided to recap some of their shows in video highlights, which means you can get a feel for what you saw, or what you missed. Although they don’t give all of the New Faces face time (hmmm), but the Just For Laughs video portal (yes, they have their own video portal for you to upload your own funny fun-time videos) includes a highlight reel set to music and with more Galas and French Canadians than any other JFL video. So let’s start with that one, with the New Faces, Amp’d and Masters after the jump!

Note: All of these videos have NSFW language.

New Faces (part 1) with Dana Gould hosting intro, Brendon Walsh, Jeff Dye, Anjelah Johnson and Kenny Johnson. Already, they’re mixing up the two groups, which means what, exactly? They like Gould’s insidery joke intro. That’s what.

New Faces of Comedy (Part 1)- Just For Laughs 2008

New Faces (part 2) must mean Sean Patton won, because they put him last and give him more time than the others. The others being Nate Bargatze, Chelsea Peretti and Tu Rae.

New Faces of Comedy (Part 2)- Just For Laughs 2008

The AMP’d music comedy show features Craig Robinson, who seemingly was everywhere during the fest ready to perform, and he got Judd Apatow to join him and the band. Also, the Montreal local Jon LaJoie, Australian band Tripod, Henry Phillips and teen wonder Bo Burnham.

Amp’d Music Show – Just For Laughs 2008

And The Masters, featuring…Larry Miller, Hal Sparks, Henry Cho, Henry Phillips and Thea Vidale.

The Masters – Just For Laughs 2008

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