I don't know why stand-up comedians feel the need to seek and break the world record for longest individual stand-up show. I know why comedian Bob Marley is doing it — or at least the, when, where, and for whom part, as the Maine stand-up who still is not to be confused for the late reggae legend has begun his own quest this morning at the Comedy Connection in Portland, Maine, and is raising money for the Barbara Bush Children's Hospital. But, still, why?

I sat through the 50-hour team effort at the Comic Strip Live two summers ago in NYC (read that lunacy in my Comic Strip Live Marathon posts), and even that seemed beyond practical.

To have one person stay onstage for 38 hours and then some, and to have that person be funny, well, really?

Here's Bob Marley's explanation/pitch. If you're near Portland, Maine, between now and Sept. 24, drop in and tell me how it's going! Roll it: