Reality Bites Back: First 10 minutes

Did you know that when the Rev. Jesse Jackson doesn’t think his microphone is on, he stops rhyming? Amazing but true! Anyhow. Even more amazing than that, the first 10 minutes of Comedy Central’s new spoof on "reality" TV show contests, Reality Bites Back. It debuts July 17, which by most calculations is a week from today, unless you don’t believe in math or science, and we know who you are, so get off the Internet already because the Internet is based on math and science. So, the first 10 minutes of the show starts with a season preview we’ve seen previously, then some funny fun, courtesy of host Michael Ian Black, who seems like a natural fit for this. The competitions themselves look like they’ll be fun, too, so I’m calling this a win-win-winner. Not sure why Kyle Cease is co-opting Judah Friedlander’s 30 Rock hat subliminal messaging delivery system, but I am sure that having the stand-ups seduce their parents is sick, twisted and altogether hilarious. Enjoy.

Sean L. McCarthy

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One thought on “Reality Bites Back: First 10 minutes

  1. I can’t wait to see the entire episode. It seems like the kind of idea that has great potential, but that Comedy Central could completely blow. It looks like they didn’t blow it.
    On a side note, this might be my favorite role for Michael Ian Black since Johnny Bluejeans.

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