What happens when people stop acting polite and start getting real? True story!* Original member of MTV’s The Real World, Kevin Powell, is running for Congress in New York City, and last night held a fund-raiser in which Dave Chappelle was your featured headline performer. Only Chappelle never made it out of Ohio. That’s amusing enough, and anyone who knows Chappelle knows he hasn’t been a stickler for keeping to itineraries (he told me once he was headed to the airport to London, except I saw him the next day still in NYC). More amusing to me and maybe you but certainly not for the people who paid to attend Powell’s fund-raiser, Chris Rock was in the building, but declined to take the stage. Gothamist has the nuts and bolts, with photos. For a truly crazy take on the night focusing on the one guy who did attempt a jokey-joke, read this account in The Brooklyn Paper.

*I always say "True story!" in the voice of the cowboy kid from season 2 in Los Angeles, which may not align completely with a post about Powell, but c’mon, it’s the only way to say "True story!"