Ant dissects the 12 Last Comic Standing finalists

Are you ready for the finals of Last Comic Standing to start already? Of course you are. But NBC is going to get you caught up anyhow tonight with a one-hour recap at 8, followed by a two-hour new episode that apparently will include the 12 final acts challenging each other to "Yo Momma" jokes whilst wearing boxing outfits. Oh, they’re in a boxing ring, too, so it makes sense. Right? Seriously. It shall be quite amusing to see how the boys from God’s Pottery handle this challenge, as well as how they manage to stay in character living in the LCS house, which I suppose, is part of the reason producers put them there. Right? Seriously. Why am I repeating myself? Can I find someone, anyone, who can possibly snap us back into reality? What’s that, you say? Ant is here to rAnt (get it?!) again, on the NBC payroll. I’ve typed this before, but it really does bear some repeating…who would want to watch almost 11 minutes of online commentary, by Ant, on comedy? And how did this guy go from hack jokes/possible thievery (called out by Joe Rogan on TV for it) to unnecessarily evil judge to voice of wisdom, who NBC even allows to call out the program for its inconsistent standards? Obviously, Ant has a very big fan somewhere in the network ranks (or holds a big secret about one of them). I sat through this video because it’s my job. Why are you going to watch it? Because I tell you to, that’s why.

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