Bob Odenkirk treats us to a peek today at the upcoming sketch showcase at the 26th annual Montreal Just For Laughs festival. Odenkirk will co-host with SNL’s Bill Hader. Odenkirk’s wife manages Hader, he says, "so that’s how he got swindled into it.  The shows are the 16th and 17th…
and will also feature Casey Wilson (SNL), Andrew Friedman and Michael Naughton (Naughton but Friedman), and the groups Sach and Dixon, the Apple Sisters, Back Pack Picnic, and Dance Party of Newfoundland.  I know nothing about the groups.  The festival picks them, and they do a fine job of it.

Here are some linky links so you can learn more about each of them…
the apple sisters
backpack picnic
dance party of newfoundland
the groundlings (main stage cast includes Andrew Friedman and Michael Naughton)