By the time you read this, comedian Seth Herzog will be in Iraq on a USO tour to entertain the troops. That’s big news for him. Of course, many comedians have made the trek over the past five years. But none of them had to do pack up and move out of an infamously tiny apartment in New York City first. Just guessing. Herzog hosts the popular Sweet show on Tuesdays in NYC (popular enough he took the show on the road to the Sundance Film Festival, and has plans on bringing Sweet to the Democratic National Convention this summer) and has a gift for gab, which as a McCarthy and rightful heir to the Blarney Stone, I certainly can appreciate. Anyhow. I thought I’d stop by on Herzog’s last night in his 12-by-5 home last Thursday and get a look at his tiny abode before it’s gone (The Breslin is converting the apartments, save for the top floor, into hotel rooms). The Village Voice documented Herzog’s place in 2003, and documentary filmmakers did the same in Zog’s Place. Now, here is Herzog one last time to show us around.

Note: Herzog does utter a NSFW word a few times in this clip, although South Park proved you could say this word on TV many many times.

The video actually goes on for about five more minutes, in which we both get a little sappy and slap-happy. I’ve included that portion of the video after the jump.

While Herzog performs in Iraq, his friends Craig Baldo and Bobby Tisdale take over the reins for tonight’s Sweet show at the Slipper Room. Baldo’s guests include Roger Hailes, Eddie Pepitone, Joe DeRosa and Baldo’s biological mother. Should be sweet. Just not the same sweet as usual.