Saying goodbye to the Kissing Booth

Attending the final Kissing Booth show last night at The Tank, you saw how New York City’s comedy scene is big enough to have communities within communities, and this alternative to the alternative comedy, hosted by the whimsical duo of Brandy Barber and Sara Jo Allocco, welcomed one and all to present characters, sketches, musical tributes, and always afterward, a drunken dance party. It wasn’t quite Invite Them Up. But then again, it never tried to be anything but a fun monthly show. For the final show last night, friends of the Kissing Booth gathered to pay tribute in a series of videos, none of which are particularly safe for work. Enjoy.

That’s the Kissing Booth in a word. After the jump, videos on the craziest thing they’ve seen at the show, bloody or slutty?, and R.I.P.

Sean L. McCarthy

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