Five clips from the 2008 MTV Movie Awards worth watching again

So I thought missing the 2008 MTV Movie Awards wouldn’t be that big of a deal, because MTV likes to replay its awards programmings around the clock, but that’s not how they roll anymore. Now, with, you know, the Internets, they realize you’re going to go online looking for what you want. And they provide it. Online. Which is even better, because you can skip past the junk and find what’s worth watching again. For better and for worse. Here are my picks for the five clips of the 32 worth replaying.

15) Wayne’s World reunion! Wayne and Garth together again, for the first time in 14 years, they tell us. That it’s also live makes it even more nostalgic, as it gives Mike Myers and Dana Carvey that same live performance energy to work off of each other. Schwing!

My other four clips after the jump, in order of appearance.

2) Dance battle! Host Mike Myers challenges Chris Brown to a dance crew dance-off? I’ll believe that when I see it…

10) A stoner movie gets an appropriate, or should that be, inappropriate stoner self-promotion. Don’t care if it’s fake or not, really.

19) Adam Sandler’s tribute to himself. A little pitchy! Someone messed with his Zohan. You want to blame Tom Cruise, don’t you? I blame Rob Schneider. You can’t do it!

20) Ben Stiller gets Jack Black to play the foil for Robert Downey Jr. in a bid to create a viral video to promote their summer filn, Tropic Thunder, which by me posting this, helps, in fact, make it viral. Argh.

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